Slide L’Atelier Sports Club is a platform designed to provide state-of-the-art personal training - Anytime, Anywhere.

L’Atelier Sports Club’s mobile app connects you to world-class trainers within moments, in the palm of your hand.

Slide This is only the beginning. WE ACCOMPANY YOU

Set the date, time and the number of participants, then select the location you would like to train at. As a Member : you have the ability to schedule multiple training sessions ahead of time.

Slide YOUR
You will be matched with an Artist Coach. Confirm the date and time of your session before experiencing L’Atelier As a Member : Choose your favourite Artist Coach and plan your next training session directly within your Artist Coach’s calendar, at your convenience. The Artist Coach

Training session at the standard rate. We match you with an Artist Coach who is available at your given time preference Non-members Members Personalized training at a preferred rate

Select your Artist Coach

Complimentary consultation and tailored programs to meet your goals and expectations

Ability to book multiple future sessions at once

Progress tracking with your Artist Coach

Complimentary Nike training gear

Slide "L'Entrevue"

Begin your journey to excellence.

You have chosen to become a member of L’Atelier Sports Club. "L'Entrevue" is the beginning of a whole other experience. In an exceptional setting, get to know your Artist Coach to discuss your goals.

The Experience