Slide Our holy grail is to ensure your well-being and goals are successfully met. .

Your Artist Coach are there to challenge and support you along the way. Whether you are in Paris or Toronto, we bring this experience to you. Your Artist Coach delivers a modern perspective to fitness, health, and wellness.

Begin your journey to excellence.

To unlock your full potential and optimize your physical and mental endurance through personalized training sessions.
Who are they ?

Slide THE EXPERIENCE Our approach combines two complementary components to ensure your training reflects your expectations :

Slide Your Artist Coach base his training sessions around HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) Boxing. This approach was developed within the confines of L’Atelier Sports Club, and has been proven to help clients achieve results in a quick, efficient and enjoyable manner. While the classes are not solely boxing based, they do combine the principles of it and all its virtues with the principles of HIIT. Boxing requires precise movements that exercise every muscle in your body; merges cardio with muscle training and toning; and trains your memory to predict your opponent’s next move. By utilizing this approach, we are able to tailor our training sessions to best meet our client’s needs. Physical

Slide Your Artist Coach is more than just a personal trainer. Together you will push new boundaries. He/she makes what you once thought was impossible, possible. You will set your objectives, then tailor a fitness session best suited to achieve your goals. Beyond training, it's to know you as an individual, your Artist Coach and you will be get to create the perfect chemistry, and that makes all the difference. Your well-being is the center of our attention, which is why your Artist Coach works to customizes your sessions based on your profile, taste, and goals. Mental

Slide Begin your journey to excellence with “L'Entrevue” As a member of L’Atelier Sports Club, you will have a complimentary consultation to get to know your Artist Coach.

"L'Entrevue" is the beginning of a whole other experience. What are your goals? Are you hoping to reduce daily stress? Gain muscular mass? Lose weight? Become more flexible? Or build up confidence? "L'Entrevue" is a confidential session between you and your Artist Coach, that will allow your Artist Coach to take your goals into account and design training sessions that meet them. During the consultation, we create a balance sheet founded on our “Physical” and “Mental” pilliars to offer you a unique training experience adapted to your needs.

Slide At L’Atelier Sports Club, we strive to help our clients unleash their individual power.

Strength is power. Confidence is power. Perspective is power.